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IGT Toscana Rosso RENZANO


50% Cabernet Franc 

50% Syrah 

15% Vol.

In 2017  we planted a new vineyard with Cabernet Franc and Syrah in a big diversification from the wines Il Piano normally produces.


In 2021 we bottled the 2019 vintage under the label Renzano. After starting life in our concrete tanks it then spent 9 months in French oak.


This will without a doubt become the Carlesi Zucconi flagship wine over the next few years.

Has a slightly higher acidity with lower tannins but a depth of flavour and structure from nine months in French oak.
The Cab Franc gives fruit notes and flavours of dried fruit and a hint of sweet strawberry. While the Syrah gives blueberry and some earthy herbaceous notes.
The spicy peppery aftertaste of Syrah complements the slightly sweet roasted red pepper so notable in Cabernet Franc.

Renzano 2019.png
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